Class descriptions

What is Mixed Self-Defense? 

Our Mixed Self-Defense program provides students with diverse tools to defend effectively and avoid and escape confrontation if possible. We combine self-defense applications from several of the worlds fighting systems into an effective, easy-to-learn format: Kenpo, Mantis Hand Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Escrima, Silat, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, and Aikido. Students of all ages learn to vary technique according to distance, strengths, personal preference, environment and skill level. Having studied these systems all have several effective techniques. The goal is to use the best and easy to learn the techniques of each of these systems, which gives a student more variety of tools to use in a confrontation. 

Kosho Kenpo 

This is the style our belt system is based on. Kosho Kenpo is a traditional hard/soft form of martial arts practice based on the lineage of James Mitose. Movement, structure, and defense based on natural laws and principles that were first developed by warrior monks back in the 12th century. Kosho is a thoughtful, higher-level art, often practiced by those with previous experience. 

Kardio Kickboxing

Are you ready an intense and effective workout that’s best for body toning, weight control, and a higher level of fitness? Kardio Kickboxing is a fitness class using kickboxing and martial art movement set to an energetic sound. Includes bag work, ab work , weapons/bar training, medicine ball and other traditional and cutting edge exercise!
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Eskrima is a martial art originating from the Philippines. Visayan Legacy Eskrima is a multi-style system using empty hands, single and multiple weapons. Training includes formal curriculum based on the Doce Pares system with opportunity for full contact competitive stick fighting at the national and world levels.

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi/Chi Kung is a slow moving practice of martial arts and healthful movement to increase one’s awareness and fitness of the body, mind, and spirit. Body strengthening and balance enhancing while flowing through various postures. Many consider it to be a moving form of meditation. Tai Chi also has effective self-defense application.